Pocket Links From 2014-02-28 to 2014-03-07

  • Issues and Merge Requests in GitLab Screencast

    GitLab has a very powerful issue tracker that integrates completely with the GitLab workflow, allowing you to reference and even close issues with commits.


  • React js Tutorial: Now is Your Time to Try It, Right in Your Browser

    In this tutorial about React I want to teach you some of the best practices of using  it in real world applications. If you didn’t heard about React, then you can learn more about it on their site. Anyway without opening the link, React is “A JavaScript library for building user interfaces”.


  • HubSpot/messenger · GitHub

    Messenger Show messages in your app. Wrap AJAX requests with progress, success and error messages, and add retry to your failed requests. Add actions (undo, cancel, etc.) to your messages.


  • xdan/datetimepicker · GitHub

    datetimepicker Documentation jQuery Plugin Date and Time Picker DateTimePicker DatePicker TimePicker


  • RobinHerbots/jquery.inputmask · GitHub

    These allow for a finer date validation then 99/99/9999 which also allows 33/33/3333 for example. In the jquery.inputmask.extensions.js you find a full date input validation which takes days, months & leap years into account.


  • jQuery Plugins finder : Kamedia Technology services

    Plugin short Description (for the mask on the main screen)



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