Pocket Links From 2013-09-27 to 2013-10-04

  • FullPage.js Plugin for Fullscreen Scrolling Websites

    FullPage.js is a simple and easy to use plugin to create fullscreen scrolling websites (also known as single page websites). It allows to create fullscren scrolling websites as well as adding some landscape sliders inside the sections of the site.


  • 35 schöne Flat Design Websites für Deine Inspiration

    In den letzten Monaten ist Flat Design eines der populärsten Gesprächsthemen im Web. Beim Flat Design liegt der Fokus auf Funktionalität und Einfachheit und verfolgt den Ansatz “weniger ist mehr”. Im Fokus steht dabei die absolute Reduktion der Gestaltung bis auf das Wesentliche.


  • Animated Border Menus

    The other day I saw a really nice concept of a menu on the UI8 site. CreativeDash implemented that gorgeous concept and I instantly had some ideas for more effects involving border transitions but also with the desktop in mind.


  • Google Web Designer Beta


  • How To Use Git Source Control with Xcode in iOS 6

    This tutorial is by Malek Trabelsi, a passionate iOS developer from Tunisia focused primarily on mobile and web technologies. Whether you’re a solo developer or working on a team, if you’re not using source control for your projects, you should be.


  • scrollNav.js

    scrollNav is a light jQuery plugin that grabs your page’s existing content, divides it up into logical sections and builds a customizable scrolling sidebar navigation. Scroll this page and watch it follow along w/ you.


  • Repo.js

    Repo.js is a light-weight jQuery Plugin that lets you easily embed a Github repo onto your site. As a plugin or library author this is a great way to showcase the contents of a repo on a project page. Repo.js uses Markus Ekwall’s jQuery Vangogh plugin for styling of file contents.


  • Octopress mit dem iPad

    Wie man mit Octopress von seinem iPad aus bloggt, darum wird es hier gehen. Also alle die Nerdkappe aufgesetzt? Gut. Dann mal los. Octopress ist eine komfortable, auf Jekyll aufsetzende statische Blogplattform, die über das Terminal bedient wird.


  • An Improvised ATtiny2313 Logic Analyzer

    After banging his head against a wall trying to get a PS/2 interface to work, [Joonas] decided he needed a dedicated logic analyzer. He didn’t need anything fancy; writing bits to a serial port would do.



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